CEC 2017 Call for Proposals

Call for Convention Proposals

Message from the  2017 Convention Program Chairs Claudia Rinaldi and Laura Receveur 

Laura and Claudia

The Call for Proposals for CEC 2017 Convention & Expo, April 19-22 in Boston, is now open!  We cordially invite you to submit a proposal for CEC 2017 Convention &  Expo. The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2016. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the Call for Proposals before beginning the online submission process.

As you plan the content and topic of your submission, please consider the following comments that may impact your proposal.

Hot Topics. Initial survey data from CEC members on hot topics in the field indicates the top 10 topics as:

  1. Behavior management and/or classroom management
  2. Access to the general education curriculum
  3. Co-teaching (general and special education)
  4. Technology
  5. Universal design for learning
  6. Autism spectrum disorder
  7. Assessment: Common Core, phasing out alternate assessment, linking student achievement to accountability of teachers/staff
  8. Legal issues in special education
  9. School-based mental health (including bullying, homelessness, trauma, and maltreatment)
  10. School climate (including discipline, misidentification of diverse populations)

Please keep these topics in mind as you prepare your submissions. As Program Chairs, we will be considering these topics and a few others as we invite guest speakers and consider strands

Who attends? From 2016 registrants data and consistent with data from other years, 40% special, general and gifted education teachers; 20% higher education; 13% administrators; 9% students (undergraduate, master’s or doctorate); and 18% consultants, paraprofessionals, parent/family members, early interventionist, school psychologists, transition specialists, other related service providers (including health care professionals) and retired professionals.

Employment settings. 35% work in suburbs (in an urbanized area, outside a principal city) setting; 35% urban (within a principal city); 24% rural (more than ten miles from an urban center); and 6% from other settings such as very small cities, state wide.

NEW for 2017—TEACHER2TEACHER sessions. “What works” shared in an inspiring session presented by teachers for teachers based on evidence-supported practices, demonstrating developed tools that “worked” in their setting such as lesson plans, management plans, academic monitoring tools, intervention examples, etc.

Teachers get ready! This is a special pilot and a separate call will be opened in September. In August, you may choose to attend a webinar that will provide additional tips before you submit your proposal. Teachers are welcome to submit a proposal now through the general call. If you have questions about this pilot, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected].

Boston is an exciting venue filled with history and lots of fun things to do and great food too! We look forward to seeing you in April 2017.

Convention Session Proposals

Rear view of group of business people at a lecture raising their hand ready to answer the question.If you are interested in presenting a Convention Session, please review the  CEC 2017 Call for Proposals Guidelines and complete the online submission process.

If you have questions, please contact Renee Glasby, [email protected], 1-888-232-7733, ext. 422.

Convention Workshop Proposals

We’re looking for presenters for full- and half-day workshops to address some of the hottest topics in special and gifted education. If you are interested in presenting a Convention Workshop, please complete this form (including all required information as outlined). All potential presenters must complete this form to have a workshop considered for CEC 2017.